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Kiddush Sponsor

Kiddush Sponsor

Kiddushim Plate of Challos

"A community that davens together, eats together!"

It is a special experience when we are able to have a bit to eat, toast a l'chaim (or two) and share a word of inspiration after services. It is something that gives our community a unique warmth and welcoming nature. Many sponsor a Kiddush as a time to share personal milestones with the community: birthdays, anniversaries, yahrtzeits, simchas, etc.

As our community has grown, thank Gā€‘d, so have the sizes of our Kiddushim. If you would like to be a sponsor or co-sponsor, please be in touch with Michal Sherman ( or 610-660-9900) as there are three different formats: a light stand-up Kiddush, sit down with one course or a full sit down lunch!

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